Project Management

We provide you with a seasoned professional to help you with planning and executing the difficult task changing your office interior spaces. We can "turnkey" your project or we can complement your efforts with our experience. With over 60+ years of combined contract interiors experience, we have "seen it all" and will help you plan accordingly.We can be onsite or in project meetings representing your interests when you can't or don't want to be there yourself.


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Interior Office Design

Oscar Wilde said "We create our interiors as a backdrop  for our lifestyles to enhance and illustrate the way we choose to live". We at believe we can help you create beautiful interior space that will enhance the life of your company each day. We offer the following services to do just that: • Space planning • interior design consulting • Color Consulting • Paint Suggestions • Communication with Architect We offer space planning services for free with purchase of our goods and services.