Lack of Ergonomics is killing you

Office Ergonomics May 5, 2015 How Making A Living Is Killing You. Lack of Ergonomics is killing you. As you read this article you are most likely seated at your computer in an office chair, leaned at least slightly forward with your head protruding further than your chest and ignoring the fact that your chair has built-in arm rests. Was I close? This may seem like a natural, comfortable position and one that you assume automatically when you arrive at your workstation but [...]

Interior Design Process

Interior Design Process The Design process is a series of steps that a designer takes when working on a project. The details of each stage will differ depending on the type of design but the approach will always be similar. It is vital to stick to the process during a design as skipping a stage, completing stages out of order of not using the process at all will result in a lower quality outcome, an outcome the client is not [...]

Workplace Strategies that Enhance Performance, Health and Wellness

Smart organizations understand that their primary goal is to enhance the performance of their people. In a knowledge work economy, people are the engine that keep companies growing, adapting, improving and innovating. Not surprisingly, thoughtful workplace design can be a powerful tool for supporting employee performance. And a collateral benefit is that what typically supports productivity also enhances employee health and wellness – it’s all interrelated. Given the nature of today’s work processes, how can the workplace better support human performance? [...]

Benching and why it is important for you to understand!

BENCHING IS RELATIVELY NEW TO NORTH AMERICA; in fact, it’s only been around since the early part of the 21st century. The recent recession and lingering economic challenges driving cost reductions, combined with a strong emphasis on collaboration and increased focus on sustainable office design, are all powerful forces behind the emergence of workplace benching. The convergence of these three factors has placed benching in the spotlight as an important part of today’s workplace. There are multiple benching solutions [...]

The Psychology of Color!!

Have you ever wondered why money is green or why school buses are yellow? You may be surprised to learn that there is science, not just personal preference, behind these color choices.  Color goes deeper than just all those aisles of paint chips at the home improvement store.  Color has an effect on us and our environment whether we realize it or not. Yellow can raise spirits and self-confidence.  It is generally happy and boosts creativity.  Yellow can help clear your [...]

Ergonomics And Why They Are Important!!!!

Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders in the Workplace Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) affect the muscles, nerves and tendons. Work related MSDs (including those of the neck, upper extremities and low back) are one of the leading causes of lost workday injury and illness. Workers in many different industries and occupations can be exposed to risk factors at work, such as lifting heavy items, bending, reaching overhead, pushing and pulling heavy loads, working in awkward body postures and performing the same or similar [...]