The Psychology of Color!!

The Psychology of Color!!

Have you ever wondered why money is green or why school buses are yellow? You may be surprised to learn that there is science, not just personal preference, behind these color choices.  Color goes deeper than just all those aisles of paint chips at the home improvement store.  Color has an effect on us and our environment whether we realize it or not.

Yellow can raise spirits and self-confidence.  It is generally happy and boosts creativity.  Yellow can help clear your head, allowing you to make good decisions and be organized.  It is also a universal sign of caution (i.e. school buses and crime scene tape).

Red, the color of love, can raise blood pressure, stimulate the adrenal glands and increase your appetite.  Red can also incite feelings of anger or aggression.  Not to worry though, pink has the opposite effect as it is calming and nurturing.

Olive Green can be associated with rot and can make us feel sick, but change the shade and you have a whole different effect.  Green can be calming and help us connect with nature.

Blue is usually thought of as a depressing color, but this is only in the darker shades.  Lighten it up and it can help lower blood pressure and eliminate insomnia.

We all know that white is the color of purity and cleanliness, but it can also aid our mental clarity and help us get a fresh start.  While these are certainly good things, white can also make us feel cold and isolated.

The next time you are creating a new workspace, renovating your office or just adding some decorations to your desk, consider the psychology behind your color choices.


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